Choices in Giving

All gifts are important to the Foundation for Hospice of Central Ohio. Every life is touched at some point by illness and loss, and your support helps to ensure that help will be there when that times comes for you and your family and friends. It is our hope that you will take joy in knowing that you are helping people in your own community.

For your convenience there are a variety of ways you can support our mission. This is simply a brief introduction to some of the ways you can make a gift while recognizing the tax benefits of charitable giving. For more detailed information we encourage you to call and we also encourage you to talk with your accountant, attorney, or estate planning advisor about your individual needs.


Memorial and honor donations provide a unique opportunity for paying tribute to friends or loved ones, not only at the time of death, but in recognition and celebration of other occasions. Consider birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Father's or Mother's Day, or an extra special "thank you" for the person who "has everything". Gifts are promptly acknowledged to the donor as well as the honoree or their family. (The dollar amount is not disclosed to the honoree/family.)

Many families request that memorial contributions for their loved ones be made to Hospice. Memorial gifts long outlast flowers, touching hundreds of families in our area. This request may be included in obituaries, and donation envelopes can be made available (at no charge) for calling hours and funeral/memorial services. If not already in stock at your funeral home of choice, you or your funeral director may request envelopes by calling (740) 788-1488.


Located at the Selma Markowitz Care Center of Hospice of Central Ohio, the Tree of Life is designed to honor or memorialize your loved one through the purchase and placement of a leaf.

Tree of Life

The requested name(s) will be engraved on a beautiful brushed-metal leaf which will be mounted on the Tree Wall. Donor information about each leaf is also recorded and available at the Care Center. Leaves are available in two sizes:

6.75 x 2.75 inches - $1,000
4 x 1.5 inches - $500
Questions? Call (740)788-1488.


Many families express appreciation to Hospice staff members who have served them well by making gifts in their honor. You may honor one individual, several, or an entire team. Please just enclose a note with you gift or call the Foundation office at (740) 788-1488.


Your donation could be doubled and do twice as much good if your employer is one of the thousands of companies that offer a matching gift program. Typically, these programs will match your donation dollar for dollar. Ask your human resource or payroll department about their process.


Giving a gift of cash tends to be the most popular and the easiest way to make a charitable gift. Your gift makes an immediate impact and may provide you with a charitable tax deduction.


Gifts of stock or other appreciated assets may entitle the donor to a tax deduction for the market value of the stock and you may avoid capital gains tax by donating the stock prior to the sale. Stocks may be given outright or made payable upon death; and assets in your bank accounts can be maintained in your name but made payable to the Foundation upon death.


This is a simple form of planned giving where a gift is designated in the donor's will. A bequest can be a designated amount of cash, a percentage of the estate, or specific property. Your estate may benefit from tax savings as a result of your charitable gift.


You may simply name the Foundation as the beneficiary of your policy or you may make the Foundation the owner and beneficiary of the policy. A gift of life insurance may enable you to make a more significant gift without disturbing other assets and provide you with current and future tax deductions. It also enables you to make a gift that will extend beyond your lifetime.


This choice allows you to utilize tax deferred assets such as a retirement account and possibly avoid income tax and federal estate tax. Assets such as IRA's may be the most tax efficient method of making a charitable gift.


This gift may offer you a lifetime income stream and give you an important tax deduction. This gift option can be an attractive alternative to savings accounts, money markets, and maturing certificates of deposits as it may offer a higher rate of return depending on your age. Gift annuities may be structured to begin making payments immediately or be deferred for a specific period of time.


There are a variety of ways in which trusts can be used to make a charitable gift. Trusts may allow you to create an income stream for yourself or someone else while providing a tax deduction. We encourage consultation with your accountant, attorney, or estate planning advisor.


By making a gift of real estate, you may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value and reduce or eliminate capital gains.


We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the giving option best suited for you. For further information please contact Michele Layman at (740) 788-1488 or your accountant, attorney, or estate planning advisor.